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vortxGE 2.0 progress : Levels and Game Items

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I've been busy adding non-visual additions to the engine, so nothing to interesting to post until now.. I'm currently adding Level management which also includes Menus and Loaders. I want these systems to be very flexible and that's why they are basically the same thing. All levels have a scene manager, asset manager, pass manager and composite manager. Menus and Loaders are subclasses of the base Level class.

In game items, I've started adding a basic Trigger class, Pickup class and many improvements to some old classes. This is all to get ready to start my first game using the new engine. I still need to form a small team to get anything off the ground and am in talks with a few people right now. Fingers crossed :-)

First game will be very simple, a gem thief style game. Just to get all systems working together correctly.

The second game will be a much larger game based on some old classics but in full 3D and when I say based, you'd never pick it :-)
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hmmm, me too ! I'm trying to talk a game designer into coming on board and maybe an artist. If I have to do it all myself the game will suffer with maybe visuals, game content not being as good as I'd like :-) But that's life.

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