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Since I Have Been Gone

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Well, I am definitely glad I made an account. Even happier that I made two journal entries! It was very easy for me to take a look at my little folder crammed with papers and the such and compare them to what I had wrote in my journals. I am writing this because I want to remind myself that today I have found inspiration and taken another jab into the development world. Even if nothing comes from it, I enjoy every moment crafting and shaping this game idea.

*Currently on Deployment, left November 29th.
*Halfway through it, has been a very interesting experience. Hawaii, Guam, Thailand, Dubai, Bahrain, Jebal Ali.
*Working on ESWS Pin.

*Plan on taking the CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals w/i a month of pulling back into port.

*Before the end of the year plan on having my CompTIA A+ certificate as well.

*Enroll in college, get current military education and college credits transferred, on my way to my Networking Security degree! At the same time, put in my package to cross rate to CTN Rating. (Told it will get denied with a 90% chance, told to re-apply when my EOS is w/i 12 months. But what if I am in that 10%? That is more then enough incentive to do so, no harm in trying!)

*While all of this is going on I hope I am able to make strides in my personnel development in coding and trying to get this "Test Game" made. I wanting it to incorporate the fundamentals of what I want my game to have. So it is going to need to demonstrate a couple different game mechanics including:

  • Map Movement [Basic interface with the world map and navigating in gates.]
  • Gates [This will be the "Dungeon" System.]
  • Quest [One quest line, 5 quest should be MORE then enough.]
  • Combat [This is what the game is all about. This is priority #1.]
  • Monsters [This is also what the game is all about, priority #2.]
  • Monster Manual+Synthesis [If I can get combat coded and running, then this shouldn't be that much harder, right?]

    *At first glance this doesn't seem like much, but everything in the game will revolve around these core mechanics. If I can't get these right, how am I supposed to get to the more ambitious ideas? Player farms? Recruits? No sir, these ideas can't come to light if I can't get the basics of my game down/programmed.

    ***Trying to decide what language to accomplish this with.

    If you have anything to add please feel free to respond or send me a message, thank you. ^_^
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[quote name='cgpIce' timestamp='1332701210']
best of luck, hope you're the 10%!

Thank you!

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