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Bringing the UI back up to speed

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Man, who'd have thought one tiny little baby could produce so much poop?

Although I don't have a whole lot to show for today's work, I'm posting some screens and and update anyway since it seems like I stay more motivated when I am posting progress updates and screenies. So, here are a couple:



I got floating combat text back in, and implemented a scrolling combat log so I can better see what's going on. Few of the mechanics have made it back into this version so far, since I'm re-thinking the heavily RNG-oriented combat from the earlier versions. Given the stronger emphasis on strategy during combats, I'll probably drastically reduce the RNG aspects of attacking. Nothing spoils a tactical combat faster than an RNG god that is full of hatred and spite.

Stuff correctly paths and attacks, though currently the player can not attack back, lacking as it does a proper UI. I implemented the system for allowing any number of player-controlled units, since I would like the turn-based prototype of GC to be party based. The other members of the player's party will be various golems or other constructed familiars and totems that the wizard can learn to craft as he goes along, so they will not be as customizable individually as the main character, but hopefully there will be enough of a variety that the player can outfit his party as he sees fit.

You can see that I implemented some green directional arrows to indicate a valid path. I like those much better than the generic Xs from before, though I did keep the green X to mark the cell where the player unit will end up if the path is selected, and the red X still marks cells along the path that are unreachable during the current turn due to insufficient movement points.

This week, I'll work on implementing the combat state UI and the travel-mode UI. I'm envisioning a game that is basically two modes. Travel mode allows fast travel on an over-world type map, while encounters (which can be anything from a random wandering monster ambush to a dungeon entrance) draw the player into a sub-region map where combat and other actions take place. While traveling, the player can either choose to Explore a cell deliberately (for resource gathering, crafting, etc...) or he can be drawn in against his will if the cell contains a hostile encounter. Kind of like those old games like Dragon Warrior for the NES, that pull you into random battles as you walk around the map, only in this case the sub-regions are fully explorable maps in themselves, that can contain secrets and all manner of loot and enemies.
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