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Practical Approach: Single Player RPG

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I think the practical approach I should be taking towards my project is Pen/Paper first, then from there to a single player RPG. This way I can still practice and incorporate all of the mechanics I want in my project but drastically closing that gap I have called "Experience". I realize I do not have it, but I am working on it. And this approach should help me make that transition from Single Player to Online. Not technically an MMO, but opening the game up to allow other players to interact with each other/compete. This will also make testing it much easier and gauge how much support I am getting for the project and if it really is worth continuing.

I am hoping to have a little more to show for this project and to get feedback from anyone in the community who would like to contribute. I am a single person working on a pretty big project, I do have my wife helping me on some aspects and a couple friends that are more then willing to "play test" my pen/paper version as soon as it is done (But if only I serve the pizza/refreshments and such :P). But I would definitely like to get some more people involved if they would be willing to read through walls of text, humor my silly drawings (I am not a very good artist but I try!) and contribute in any other ways possible!

I understand this project won't be moving at an incredible pace but I see this as a great opportunity for me to expand my knowledge and try to turn an idea into something tangible for others to experience!

I also have no problem sharing all of my ideas and mechanics behind my game! I am not afraid of my ideas being "stolen" because almost everything I am coming up with has already been done. These past games have inspired me, and if somehow my silly ideas inspire someone else who am I to get mad? Shit, I would be flattered.

I would love to get people involved in my creative process as much as possible, it helps to have a fresh mind and different view especially after hours and hours of brainstorming and coming up with ideas.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read and if you comment I appreciate it!


Also -
Don't know if you have seen this post, but I thought it was hilarious.

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Seems like a good route, thought MMORPG is always.. nevertheless.
One thought is, that P'n'P RPGs are always more social games than rule based games, whereas (most) computer RPGs depends more on rules then on social aspects. You should keep this in mind when designing your PnP.

An other thought is, that when you really like P'n'P games and maybe world creation (and writing walls of text), you should consider to reduce the coding/art aspect of your game to a minimum much like [url="http://www.te4.org/"]tome4 [/url].

I wish you good luck :-)

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So, I had to Google P'n'P to figure out exactly what you were referring too ^_-
Thank you for the advice and support!

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