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SAGE Prototype Screenshots

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Coming soon! The prototype is due tomorrow and I believe I'm going to be able to get it done, so hopefully some shots then.

I spent a couple hours last night and a couple today trying to figure out why my cutscene system was not working (mainly my coroutines weren't working.) Come to find out my indexing was jacked up because the system is reusing indices and I was calculating them improperly. I reworked the system, storing the Lua index in C# and all is well now. However, I did ask myself "HOW THE EF HAS THIS BEEN WORKING?!" I've been using this quite successfully in my RPG prototype, Mandingo, and have not had any issues. I'm not sure if I'm alone, but this happens to me quite often. I ran into the same issue with my old 2D renderer for SlimDX; I used it for forever and a day when all of a sudden I ran into issues with the batching code. After I had fixed it, I pretty much said "Yea, that should not have been working at all."

SAGE is coming along nicely; I've got scenes and objects loading from text files rather than test data now and most of the core systems are working perfectly. The only thing left on the to-do list for the prototype is getting characters in game, adding the ability to load them from files, and adding pathing. Anyway, back to work...

I'm not really sure where I want to head with the platformer prototype. I pretty much have everything implemented (sans enemies.) Mega Man style? Old Mario style? Castlevania style? I'm not sure, but I'm going to have to figure that out before I move forward with it.
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