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Pee Oh Vee

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Yet another productive day in hackerspace. We're opening 3rd room, as there are plenty new people coming. The walls need to be scraped, the thrash needs to be cleaned, the floor needs to be laid etc. Good thing I wore black blouse and pants today <_<.

Apart from that, I fixed my PSP's thumbstick, which was stuck in off-center position, making killing those Nargacugas in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite horribly hard ( you want to block? tough luck, your character chose this time to start moving. Suddenly, black jumpy death. Now that I fixed it, I'll be able to play MH some more :)

What else? I've continued working on the POV. Obviously to get some kind of cool effects, I'll need some controller. I decided on atmega8 chip. To program one, I'll need a programmer. I used the design from http://thomaspfeifer.net/atmel_usb_programmer.htm . After some time ( and two borked attempts - one using the wrong side, one that didn't copy properly ), I got this sweet sweet thing:


I was ready to create an atmega programmer, but, well, my friend didn't have his programmer. And without a programmer you can't create your own. What do you compile a compiler with? He'll be bringing his sometimes in the weekend, and I'll buy necessary parts on a local electronic carboot sale.

But that didn't stop me: after all, my goal for today wasn't some fancy effect, but rather getting the LEDs to properly display while rotating. And holy shit, I've done it!


Yaaaay! Obviously the picture isn't as pretty as it was when it was running, and there were some problems with continuous display, but for a prototype I'm more than satisfied. To save the copper on the place where brush was running ( as you can see in my previous post ), I've just put loads and loads of solder there - if it'll wear down, I'll just add more ;). But now that I have proof-of-concept version finished, I can start working on the real version. Design it properly, add some box and the controller.

It'll be GLORIOUS :D

See you soon!

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You actually only need an ATmega/tiny (and a few resistors) and an USB-TTL adapter to burn down an Arduino ISP Programmer to make it work. An updated version of this also works with slower SPI speeds, for use with clocks slower than ~400KHz - I have succesfully used it with a 32KHz (WDT-driven) ATmega328P. Note that this ISP programmer works as a general avr-isp, so, once burned onto the controller, you can use the programmer without Arduino. This is what I do to avoid buying a more expensive (and probably not much better) programmer. I just compile with avr-gcc (and set all the bells and whistles I like) and download using avrdude. Also, this option is cross-platform out-of-the-box.


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