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Dukandia "Teaser" Graphic and This Week's Accomplishments

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Hello and welcome back,

This week we have re-traced our steps and got back down to basics to do a re-design on our code to allow us to have a more flexible and re-usable framework. While doing so we took the time to also look at the basic features, and Interface aspects of the game and decided to add and change some of these. This week we got the following done:

  • Toggle between full screen and windowed mode
  • A Melting Cube logo
  • Story Mode progress* (Josh got hurt in a sport accident so this has been put on hold until he's feeling up to it.)
  • Interface changes. (Main Menu teaser below, made to look more toon-like)
  • Complete redesign of the client's layout hopefully improving speed.

    Now before I post the little teaser, I do want to wish Josh luck in getting better.

    Please post any opinions on, and suggestions this Interface is new and well looks a bit similar to my original version and thus I won't be surprised if you want a change or two. My biggest question being should I re-include the "remember me" check box? The toon look was achieved by working with a new text idea as well as including a slightly different wood effect. A background change was planned, however the wood did not look good on our other outputs.


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Recommended Comments

I hope Josh feels better.

I like the style, but i don't know if it was due to the method of capture, but it seems a little dark to me. Maybe since its a wood-like surface, you could leave the wood dark, to keep the dark-stain look, but make the letters look like they were just carved out, so they could be lighter underneath as they would be un-stained wood.

I like the concept of a "remember me" button for remembering the username, but only the username. Otherwise you need to deal with encryption of a settings/config file :( (although, things like .NET cryptographic API classes make that easy-ish), but that is my two-cents.

Otherwise, looks cool.

P.S. i'm intrigued by the background in the screenie. Very cool lush-look

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hmm like this?
and yea I agree only username I don't want to have to deal with passwords or both giving a warning message and the likes.

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Yea, very cool [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img] Adds a nice bit 'o depth and contrast. But i know you're trying to achieve a more cell-shaded/toon-like lookm so I don't want to lead you astray :)

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aye, its toon enough in my opinion the wood isn't as pronounced as it was before and I think it works well with the background, plus the contrast that it adds works wonders on the menu, I had been trying to figure out where to add light since, like you pointed out, it was rather dark.

small preview of the "Main" menu; Monday I should be able to provide a teaser video :P


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Maybe place the exit button as a separate little signpost in one of the corners?

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I quite like that idea about the signpost. And perhaps it's just me, but the signs look as if suspended in mid-air. Maybe a nail or two here and there?

A good day all, Josh here. I'm on the mend and will be writing again very soon!

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I quit like that idea with the signpost, I'll look and see if I can get that into working order.

And no its not you, they are suspended in mid-air ;D

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How much of that forest area actually exists? if you could, you could pan the camera to an area with the sign-posts of that specific menu (i.e., you "travel" a bit in the forest to the next series of menu signposts). It would really work with the "signpost in a forest" aesthetic, but it all depends if you have the time to implement it and your engine allows it. Its a cool aesthetic and it would add to immersion, but its alot of work for a menu lol [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img]

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aye, Im thinking of another menu redesign, since sure this is great for small resolutions I suppose, but if we go about adding more then this is not a way to do it, so I'm going to be spending a few days coming up with better design ideas, hope you don't mind the semi-misleading images. I will however use them for a framework test tomorrow since I need to ensure my re-write of the engine is for the better

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Only thing I would change is the darkness for your text: Login Name, Password, and Remember me? As it shows on my screen being too dark.

Everything looks great other wise! :)

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Well I think Iv got a simple fix for the gui in order
ill be doing some tests so sadly the video will be delayed, will poster a few things before I go to bed for a small update

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