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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

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Here are your Journal Land entries from the period of 3/25 - 4/1

Featured GDNet+ logo+%20bullet.png Journal Entries

OddGames development journal - in addition to patching up some navigation issues with a newer version of recast & detour AI libraries O-san also describes how he's gotten a first rough pass at animated water and vegetation working with a video to demonstrate

Featured Member Journal Entry

Melting Cube - cgpIce details a wealth of information regarding various aspects of Dukandia gameplay as it has been planned and also calls out to the audience for opinions on things like documenting the development process and who is finding this project interesting

Project Updates

  • Pixel ? Tile ? Worldlogo+%20bullet.png - Servant of the Lord has drawn up several maps that depict the layout for the land in which AdventureFar takes place in, including many of the towns and the worldmap as well. He details a bit of the land's ruling structure as well
  • Valvatorezj's Development Journal - Valvatorezj has decided to dip his toes into the RPG-making process rather than dive full in by working up his project with pen and paper first. He defines this practical approach in this entry as well as his views on feedback and originality
  • Mobile RPG - smo97 has some new images of his mobile RPG showing off some new spells, NPC interaction and tilesets
  • Vilntus Entertainment - N Stewart invites you to check out the Facebook page for his latest iOS project Hoops
  • Black-Rook's Journal logo+%20bullet.png - Black-Rook has some new placeholder art for all the enemies the player of his classic RPG will face when trekking through the Winter North
  • Beals Software - Programmer16 has a short video of his SAGE point and click adventure project prototype showcasing just that - pointing and clicking and interacting with an object
  • Net Gnome's Vaerydian Journal - Net Gnome discusses the UI architecture he's implementing for Vaerydian and also has a video demonstrating the sound system he added
  • /* Why you crying? */ - JTippetts has a few minutes of video demonstrating the latest Goblinson Crusoe gameplay and has also some earlier entries during the week that discuss some of the interface and UI cleanup he's been doing
  • Radioactive-Software - congrats to dgreen02 for climbing the ladder to hit the top of the Steam sales charts for the opening day of his game Gettysburg: Armored Warfare!

    Game Dev Stuffs

    • evolutional.co.uk - while short, in the process of poking his head up evolutional does give a brief rationalization for his changeover in code environment from C++ to C# with .NET
    • omnomnom's RPG journal - omnomnom realizes the problem of introducing animations to describe actions in his rougelike (versus a text log) that he's been grappling with the past few weeks runs even deeper into the game design than he first realized and has decided to try a hybrid system
    • New Old Things - Endurion adds a full chapter of 10 stages to his Commodore64 game project

      Other Stuffs

      • Crawling with ideas - ManTis continues his electronic hacking by detailing the construction of both an adaptor cable to connect his Commodore 64 to an old TV as well as his very own printed curcuit board for use with another project
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