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First post, About us

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First off all, Hello all :)

Why this Journal!
After working for more then 10 years as a developer and manager in the ICT(Boring office software). I decided that i need too change my career path to something that is fun. 2 months ago i did just that, i quit my day job, start learning Java. And started development of a Android Game.
While i was learning i came to the conclusion that i need to start easy. "Pong/Memory/Tetris"
Memory i choose, my girlfriend became interested and she took care of all graphics. Nice compromise, programmers art we have seen that too much :)
That's how we got started.

As a game engine i choose LibGDX, its easy to learn. And you get fast results.
After 2 weeks we got our first game in the market,
Star Memory


We are working on a second game, next update will reveal some more details about it.
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Welcome to the site! Great work on the graphics by your girlfriend. :)

The game presents it self as a good learning tool for kids! I'm looking forward to seeing your next creation! :)

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Good luck man! I myself started in the (boring telecommunication software) field. It's just not healthy for someone to sit in a cubical all day when you are so creative!

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