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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

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Here are your Journal Land entries from the period of 4/1- 4/8

Featured GDNet+ logo+%20bullet.png Journal Entry

Blue stain - alfith has converted one of his gameplay videos to 3D via YouTube. Pretty cool! You actually don't need a pair of red/blue glasses as YouTube offers a number of viewing options - including cross-eyed.

Featured Member Journal Entry

Graphics & Games... or the other way around - Matias Goldberg has a thought provoking entry that looks at the taxation of crowdfunding and in doing so attempts to classify exactly what crowdfunding is - presale? Donation? Investment? He also has the perspective of being outside the US, where a lot of the crowdfunding is currently taking place

Welcome new Journal Land authors bwiersma, Narf the Mouse, Jeff.Leigh, and peous!

Project Updates

  • Melting Cube - cgpIce has some more in-depth thoughts on various aspects under development and consideration for Dukandia along with a few more questions for the readers
  • /* Why you crying? */ - JTippetts wrestles with some Goblinson Crusoe issues like needing a better glass bottle overlay technique in Blender, musing over light & shadow issues yet to come and considering how the change from iso to hex has affected the game technical-wise
  • Pixel ? Tile ? World logo+%20bullet.png - Servant of the Lord has some example images of the new ways he can edit the game menus without needing to hard code them as some new character sketches and background for the land in which AdventureFar is set
  • Gnoblins - Development journal of indie game - Ashaman73 has locked his game and has time-boxed the final development into this month. A link to the website is included if you haven't yet checked it out.
  • OddGames development journal logo+%20bullet.png - O-san has another video entry this time to show off the "auto transition function" of the editor which lets him place tiles and then seamlessly blend them automatically. He also shows off additional editor functions like making objects sway in the breeze
  • Severed Infinity - include4eto has announced the release of the Severed Infinity open beta!
  • The Bag of Holding - ApochPiQ makes his Epoch language count to from 1 to 6 million, which was accomplished in 3.47 seconds but also showed that the JIT code got put out so fast it registred as 0ms generation time in the benchmark. He elaborates more on his use of LLVM with Epoch to produce this StupidFast[sup]TM[/sup] JIT technology

    Game Dev Stuffs

    • D Bits logo+%20bullet.png - Aldacron shares some code for setting the thread affinity in D for Windows
    • SpeedRun's Journal - SpeedRun has a tutorial on creating a window although it seems to be from a series he has elsewhere? There's very little on exactly what this tutorial is for besides well, creating a window.
    • New Old Things - Endurion squishes some bugs that have cropped up in his Commodore64 game, which makes the next step in the process of building it that he is sharing

      Thanks for stopping by Lee Stripp, Programmer16, Black-Rook, Net Gnome, omnomnom
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