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Titan Trivia -- my first Android App is nearly complete!

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After several months of on-again, off-again programming, I'm nearly finished with my first Android game--Titan Trivia. Titan Trivia started as a learning exercise--I had never programmed in Java before, and a trivia game seemed simple enough. Thankfully Java is similar enough to C++ that the transition was pretty painless. Within a few weeks I had more or less accomplished the simple question-and-answer format game, but decided that I wanted to take it further.

I decided to make a game that I wanted to play--not just in general, but for specific occasions. On road trips my wife and I like to pass the time trying to answer trivia questions, and there aren't that many good trivia game apps out there. Even the decent ones lacked features I wanted--so I decided to and created a design document for trivia game I thought sounded pretty fun.

Now, at (somewhat) long last, I'm nearly finished. I have a few features to finish, some interface polish to do, and a few bugs to hunt and kill, but the primary game is essentially finished. In fact, the biggest challenge now is building the database of trivia questions.

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