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Spaceship pixel art, bullets & ship design

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  • You can see in the image below the first graphics for SpaceBeam. As I'm not a pixel-artist, the final result is not perfect, but it's already good to have some graphics & colors. Also, determining graphic styles helps to define target audience.

    • There are also bullets (only pushing ships, not destroying anything yet), yes waaaaar !

      • Different ships designs, like the picture, leading to different behaviours (you can see this in the video, the funny thing is the big ship pushing me at the end is completely unxpected smile.png


        You can also check Youtube video #3 showing all this, but animated !



        If you have any comment or suggestion, advice or expectation about the art or the game, feel free to share it with me, as I'm totally open for feedback !
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Recommended Comments

Wow, the textures add a lot. The game is just [i]begging[/i] for an in-game ship editor, if you ask me :D

Can you do a dynamic zoom in/out to accomadate the larger ships?

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I don't think there will be an ingame ship [i]editor[/i] (formally) sorry. [i]Anyway [/i]edition will be ingame, by salvaging parts from other ships, like [url=""]Captain Forever[/url]. For now it's a [url=""]text file[/url], but it's still early dev. (won't stay like this, but this is handy :)

About zoom, yes you can zoom out. The video is quite zoomed in to show the pixel look. The average zoom level could be like the picture above.

I'll have to test to design some bigger ships to test, because I still don't know how to have bigger ships, and keep the "pixel" look... any idea appreciated.
However, I plan to build huge space stations so I have to think about it !

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Hi peous,

first off, your video showing your game in motion is really cool, you should embed it on your journal (add a media tag and use your youtube-url, the rest works automatically).

When you really want to go for a pixelate look, take a look at similar games like [url=""]lone-survivor[/url] or [url=""]fez[/url] , this could help you to imagine your final style. Are you using a 3d engine or 2d ?

At last try to be consistent in your art, the star field background uses way to large pixels in comparision to your space ships, try to reduce them to a similar size.

Nevertheless, you make good progress, keep the good work up !

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I did it, thank you about the "media" tag.
Also, about your remarks about pixels, I was specially wondering on how I would keep seeing pixels if I zoom out.
Anyways I know Fez but not lone survivors, I'll take a look !

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That's really cool, for some reason it reminds me of that youtube video of two cats fighting and then a dog runs in and breaks it up

it also makes me wish I wasn't making a turn-based game...

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[quote name='omnomnom' timestamp='1334441022']it also makes me wish I wasn't making a turn-based game...[/quote]
Rogue-likes are often turn-based. Don't compare gameplays that have nothing to do :)

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