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Dungeon Update

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I've been working on the combat, I've streamlined it to make it 1 character and 1 monster. It was getting too complicated, I had 4 characters and up to 4 monsters, trying to manage inventory and decide which character was attacking which monster was a headache.

I've put all the items into the game, all weapons, armour, misc items etc. Just need to finish off the combat and then I can start polishing and bug-fixing.

I've played Legend of Grimrock and it's exactly the same kind of game, it's very professional and mine won't be to that standard (unfortunately) but if I had the resources, that is the game I'd make. I highly recommend it, it's available on Steam now.

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[quote]I've played Legend of Grimrock and it's exactly the same kind of game[/quote]
Grimrock is a very good remake/clone of this [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dungeon_Master_%28video_game%29"]game[/url], instead of comparing your game with grimrock, take a look at the original one :-)

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