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Looking for Information

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Well recently I was "promoted" so to speak, more of just a title change to group/company owner of Iron Genesis. Now I myself have never looked into the information required to know when starting, and maintaining a company but as far as I know there are a few main points. Copy Rights, trademarks, and taxes. I was curios if anyone had some insight as where to start looking into the general information required before I take our group from just that to a company. I hope this doesn't sound at all confusing and I don't mind any advice on the subject at hand either.
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First of all congratulations on your promotion.

While this is not truly helpful my advice is that at this point you need to speak to a business lawyer and/or business acountant. The reason being is that whilst you can obtain general information through forums like here, it will not truly be specific enough to the actual process of changing your business structure. The primary reason for this is as follows:
[*]The "local/state/federal" rules and laws associated with making such a change will include specific aspects that are relevant to your country alone and not necessarily to another. This will be especially noticeable in the area of accounting and tax burden requirements as well associated financial issues.
As a general piece of advice and for your own education I would suggest that you check your government and/or better business bureau (name is an example -- usually a non-profit organisation or Government department section.) for FAQ's relating to the establishment of business entities, as well issues related to said establishment. Remember specificity of advice given through such organisations may also be innacurate times. What you should gain from this at the minimum is a understanding of the terms involved, but more importantly it should point you in the direction of the right questions to ask.

But to reinforce my advice: You really have reached a point where you need to consult local specialised knowhow rather than general forum advice. I wish you the best of luck.

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I agree. I run a small company myself and did just what Stormynature says; looked up my local "business center" (a swedish organisation aimed to help out newly started businesses) and the taxing authority/tax department. Also, if you got a friend or relative that can help you get started... that's a good idea too. My girlfriend helped me out, she works as an assistant accountant. Sometimes you're lucky!

A bit of caution. It can be quite the undertaking if you got no previous experience with money matters. Good luck and congrats! =)

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