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Epoch Release 12 - Final Phases of Preparation!

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At long last, the checklist of major items to do for Epoch Release 12 is empty!

There are a few lingering TODOs in the code which I will probably try and knock out over the next few days, and then it's down to deciding how much additional work I really feel like doing before shipping R12. Considering that all the compiler tests pass, Era compiles and runs, and semantic error checking isn't totally useless, I feel like I might go ahead and kick it out the door sooner rather than later.

The language is shaping up beautifully, and the compiler is finally starting to feel like a decent project instead of a cobbled-together mass of dirty hacks. I'm really quite happy with the state of the project at this point, all things considered.

The only thing I really lack is people willing to actually try and use Epoch for real programming; I know it has basically no standard library and that the functionality is still pretty sparse, but I feel like it should be at least useful for simple tasks. If nothing else, it's got plenty of stuff to fool around with and experiment on, so I'd love to see more people just goofing around with the tools and helping to identify some of the existing weak points.

In any case, we're really close to seeing R12 ship, so hold on to your butts.
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I'm interested to give this release a swing, maybe kick the tires a bit.

I haven't followed the practical end of Epoch all that much - what is the likelihood I can coerce it to compile on a Mac? Saves me dusting off the desktop if it works :)

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Not terribly likely I'm afraid; although you can always prod Washu and get him to start working on the Mac port again.

Or, y'know, if you feel like it, you could try and build it and make changes as needed to get it working, and submit a patch ;-)

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Oh, yes. I should get back to kicking that. Need to make a lot of changes to the core to drop all the horrible windows code Apoch keeps putting in there :D

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