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A few days ago I gave you the mock design of the site, that site is now complete and can be viewed at here! The site for the most part is complete, it has a projects page and allows us to organize our information and well I like the way it looks for the time being. Some updates I need to make are:
-Make the background extend without limit
Right now the background is a single image and everything is placed in frames on this image to make it "pixel perfect". I need to go about making it so that I have a top, and a bottom images as well as an image for between those.
I am currently designing a forum system to go with the site, it will include the most basic aspects of a forum as well as some other ideas I think i'll throw in there.
I will be adding a blog system for each project so that we don't have to entirely rely on gamedev for journal entries, although both will contain roughly the same information with the slight changes such as custom video players and better formatting for our own blog.
-public planning locker
A page that is devoted to our plans, designs, and art that shows you what we are planning in the eyes of the developer so to speak. Pretty much contains plans we see fit to release to the public.

The rough draft of our alpha planning is still being made, I have a few ideas that could change the whole project just a bit but these will for the most part be voted on by fans and developers alike.

That's all I really have to show for this week, hope to have more next weekend!
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I should note, that the projects page of the site is rather slow at loading on some computers, I am going to go in and combine many of the images that are making it so "large".

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