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Forum mock

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I have decided i'll get a quick mock of the forum done today since I have the time. All opinions are appreciated since I'll be hand coding it don't limit your advice wink.png And yes that large block at the top would be the chat box I plan to implement into the main forums page.

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Just curious - is there any particular reason you've decided to write your own forum software rather than adapting an existing package to meet your needs? Any non-trivial implementation of a forum is actually a reasonably complex piece of software, and by writing your own you'll be making yourself responsible for all the maintenance and any upgrades you might need, as well as all the potential security headaches. It doesn't take long to set-up and customise (even extensively) most pre-written forum packages, and most of them offer a pretty solid feature-set, easy-to-use plug-in systems and theming systems these days.

Your layout looks reasonably clean and simple to far -- but there's also not much there yet! Good luck with the continued development!

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I've to second jbadams. Even when it is fun to write your own homepage and community, I would invest the time in game programming. Take a look at my game [url="http://www.gnoblins.net"]homepage[/url], completly based on wordpress+plugins .

The difference: investment of a few days vs. a few month !

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My decision was more of a decision based on control, although with a forum that's ore made I gain their know how I also have to live with what ever layout system if includes and figure out what does what. As far as security I'm going to see exactly what features a few free ones have and se if u can implement similar ones. A forum isn't something that takes months to code if you plan it right it could take a matter of 2 weeks but this is ignoring security. I have also never been that good at modifying forum templates to fit my current wants

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