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SAGE 60% Complete - New Video

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Video for version 2.5 is up now. The majority of the changes are in the backend; I spent most of the day getting the rest of the scripting mechanics in place. There is only one item left to do and it's not all that important (the ability to use an item on a scene object/character from script; nice for creating test scripts, but not the most necessary item.) Anyway, here it is:

On a side note, I apologize for the slur of really short clips. I haven't had the funds to get the full version of FRAPS, so at the moment I'm limited to 30 seconds. It's been just about perfect so far, but I had to cut the speed of the words from 1.5 seconds to 1 so that I could fit everything in. Soon I will get the full version and I promise to grace you with a longer video.

The video shows off the two main features: the ability to path objects around and the ability to fade the screen in/out. It's not seen, but my first test script is also in play, when the game loads it automatically takes the necessary steps for me to have the id card in my inventory.

This puts the engine at about 60% complete, minus bugs and polish of course. I went through and created tasks for the remaining elements and there is not all that much left to do:

  • UI Elements

    • Save Screen
    • Load Screen
    • Options Screen
    • Title Screen
    • Pause Screen
    • Miscellaneous

      • Integrate State System
      • Bugs

        • Pathing Bug

          The UI elements will probably be the hardest as I have a tendency to move into 'create a full GUI' mode whenever I get into GUI stuff (I honestly created and deleted a UI branch in my codebase when I started each of the UI elements so far (verb selector, dialogue, and inventory.)

          The state system is complete as that was the very first thing I did; the data already saves and loads properly, I just have to get the objects/characters hooked up to system.

          Honestly, I think the pathing bug is going to be my biggest battle. I haven't actually sat down and tried to resolve it yet, but I just have a feeling. Basically, when you click the player starts moving from their current node to the node closest to the one you clicked on. If you click again, before they have reached their destination, the character will skip to their destination and start moving to the new destination (you can actually just sit there and keep clicking and the player will kind of teleport around.)

          We do believe that we have finally decided on the first project that we'll be making with SAGE, but I'm not quite sure so I'll keep details about that under wraps until a future post. We will have chosen an idea by the time Prototype 3 is done so that we can move straight into working on that.

          Ludum Dare

          I'm looking forward to playing some Ludum Dare games. I attempted to make an entry myself, but I fell far short; I couldn't even decide on a project to go with. About noon yesterday I decided to give up and put my time and effort into SAGE, but I'm definitely going to have an entry for the next one.

          And now, I am off to bed.

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[quote name='Servant of the Lord' timestamp='1335204012']
Looks nice! I love what you're doing with perspective there.
Thanks! I honestly just threw it together, but when I was done it turned out a lot better than I was intending.

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