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Another Short Update

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Just another quick update before I head to bed. I spent the most of the evening completely rewriting the majority of the state system as well as a good portion of the rest of the engine. I was running into a lot of issues because things were getting really out of hand. For instance, the currently loaded scene was stored in 3 different places. There was also a bit of the engine calling script mechanics for stuff it shouldn't have been (loading objects, characters, scenes, etc. was all routed through the script mechanics.) There was also the fact that I had the SceneEngine class (one of the places storing a copy of the scene) and the Pathfinder class (instantiated inside of SceneEngine.) Then SceneEngine basically was a wrapper around the Pathfinder class.

The state system is now condensed down and only the GameState class stores the state based data. The SceneEngine and Pathfinder have been combined into a single class. Most importantly (kind of), the state system is working exactly as it should now; objects aren't being marked as modified as soon as they're loaded, they're only loaded once when loading a game, and the correct information is being stored (so on the load screen it shows the scene's name rather than ID) and the time played accumulates properly.

There is only one thing left that I might still refactor and that is the UIManager class. It's working perfectly fine as is, but it kind of bugs me the way that it is set up. Basically I have 3 widgets/controls: VerbSelector, ConversationDisplay, and InventoryDisplay. These are created at load-time and then just displayed via function calls (there's also a collection of SpeechBubbles stored.) They're functioning perfectly fine now that the rest of the system is set up properly, but it's not very elegant. I guess if it's working properly I should just leave it be.

Tomorrow I will tackle the in-game/pause menu and then the options menu (not even sure this is necessary though as the only thing it would really have is a volume option and I was thinking of having a little icon display on screen for that.) Hopefully I'll have some more screenshots tomorrow.

Blargh, time for bed.

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