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Graduation means lots of new stuff!

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Spencer Bowers


As I said in my last journal post (5 months ago), I've been really focused on finishing school. That's my reason for not updating... ever. But that period is over now! Yep, I graduated last week. Finally. So now that I have time to breath, I also have time to show you guys all my shiny new stuffs! First up is stuff I mentioned in my last journal entry. Not really sure why since I'm sure no one remembers it anyway...

As part of my last semesters at school, I ended up with three new things to show off. First is my website. I did an independent project to build a website and a game lobby system to go with it. When I write multiplayer games in the future, I will use the lobby system to show a list of servers within the game. The website will be my base for future projects. The second thing I want to show off is my first game, Neon. I mentioned it in my last post. I wrote the game over a weekend last Fall, and the rest of it (menus and networking) I wrote over Christmas break. I still need to tie the game into the lobby system.

Finally, the really cool thing I want to show off is my senior project, Graviton Strike. This was a 2-semester project for a 4-person team. You can read about it and download a game play video through the link. Sorry, no game download yet. When we figure out how to license it I'll add it to that page and post an update in this journal.

Another thing that typically follows graduation is a new job. Yep, I got one of those too. I work at a small company that develops software for use in aircraft. We target the Android platform and write apps for things like streaming video, mapping, and targeting. It's pretty fun and interesting.

Ok, now that I've updated you all on new stuff, I'll stop now. Soon I'll post about my next game project. Stay tuned!
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