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More text stuff.

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sitelogo.pngHere's a sample of text rendering in Gorgon 2.0 (Dorian). It's rendering 16,019 characters, animated with shadowing (which doubles the character count), plus the FPS counter. When it renders the text, it renders with kerning information (provided the font has any) so the output should be properly spaced. And while it's doing this, it's scaling the text to pump up the fill rate.
All that at ~75 FPS, that's not too bad hey?
In this particular "demo" you can see that I'm able to compress and expand the lines of text. This is possible because of the new "LineSpacing" property in the text object. This allows the user to set line spacing by setting a multiplier. For example, a LineSpacing of 2.0 will give you double spacing and 0.5 will only move the lines half way.
Anyway, I'm still plowing through all of this. And I'm pretty happy with the results.

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