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WIP Prototype: Working name "Epic"

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After nearly 3 months of working with Unity (and learning a lot about programming itself) I have completed the first stage of my game -- the prototype.

This framework contains most of the functionality I expect from the game, but it is ugly (only placeholder art, some mismatched textures and sounds).

Next step is increasing the functionality by adding a Pause menu and steadilly refining models, textures, shaders and lights.

I expect this project to yank another 3-4 months out of my life (i.e. free time after work).
[size=1]Too bad no one wants to help ._.


DropBox .rar standalone Link
WebPlayer hosted on DropBox (I would still advise to read the ReadMe.TxT in the dropbox game folder)
ReadMe.txt -- a direct link to the ReadMe

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