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SAGE Prototype 3.0 Finished

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Well, SAGE is finally finished; this is prototype 3 which marks the end of all of the features I was planning on adding. There are still a few bugs and such (I found three bugs and two things that need to be changed while recording the new video) plus a lot of needed polish, but all of the features are in and everything is set up. Now I just need to decide on an actual game project to make with it.

Warning: This video has sound, for anyone that is checking it out at work.

This shows basically everything, but I left out the dimming/undimming as sometimes it seems to cause huge lag issues. I'm going to spend today and tomorrow deciding on a project and the rest of the week trying to get things cleaned up so I can put up a little demo.

I do apologize for the short post, but I have to get up early and so I am off to bed.

Here are some screenshots for those that don't feel like watching the movie:

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