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A long summer ahead of me!

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A little about me:

I'm an 18 year old Glaswegian who is currently studying computer science at Strathclyde and I have been dabbling in programming since I was roughly 15. I mainly use C# and XNA for all my personal projects but I currently have to use Java when doing any university coursework etc.

My aims for this blog:

This blog is basically hear for me to vent my thoughts on game developing and hopefully keep you up to date with many of the projects that I will be working on over the 5 month summer I have ahead of me and hopefully you will find it somewhat interesting! :D

Currently I am working on creating my own physics demo/engine which will hopefully feature in a small fps that I am hoping to build over the summer.

Current Task List for my Physics Engine:

[100%] Fix bug with model textures not loading
[20%] Build camera class with appropriate controls which allows for movement around map
[0%] Add some basic physics forces such as Gravity and between model collisions
[0%] Add a simple skybox/sphere
[0%] Model a decent base model for the demo

Basically just a few little things so far as I am just starting this project but these are just a couple aims that I hope to complete by the end of the week.

Current Task List for general GameDev:

- Continue to work with blender3d and work on building a few game worthy assets
- Look into some graphics tablets for some 2d photoshop work.
- Get to grips with more 3D maths

And that's about it other than that I will be working and studying for my exams which are coming up in the next few weeks!
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