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Ready, set, go!

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Hello reader,
check out my latest render HD Buddha:


I now have my three reference images which I will use to compare against and validate the upcoming Bidirectional Path tracer. They are:
- The standard Cornell Box with a glass sphere, only to test the correctness of the BDPT algorithm.
- The Buddha above, which is a pure acceleration structure test, as the buddha has over a million triangles.
- The "table" scene, which will test both the BDPT algorithm and the acceleration structure.

I don't anticipate any issues getting the bidirectional algorithm up and running, even though it requires some rewriting, as it's a fairly obvious extension of the naive technique (although multiple importance sampling will probably take me a while to get right). My next immediate goal will be replacing my ugly octree with a proper BVH. This should keep me busy for a while, so I'll see what to do next when I get there (probably improve the primitive interface and work a bit on the scene file format)

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Just noticed your post edit and saw this blog. That ring's caustics has spectacular quality 0.0

I also started a blog [url=""][/url] if you get a chance check it out!

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Hey Jameszhao, thanks! Your blog and renders look nice, I'm looking forward to reading more entries!

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