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More Bugs and Some Updates

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I was able to fix the only other huge bug (at the moment anyway.) The way I had the save system setup was pretty naive, so there was a really good chance of a new game save overwriting an older save. I was naming each new save as "Save " + (number of saves + 1), so if you created 2 saved games (Save 1 and Save 2) and then deleted Save 1, the next time you created a new saved game it would overwrite Save 2. So, by 'really good chance' I mean pretty much everyone who would have played it would have had this happen at some point. This brings us to our first screenshot, the resolution:
[edit]Btw, this shows it with some text highlighted. It supports keyboard-based selection at the moment, but no mouse based. It does allow you to click to move the cursor though.[/edit]

I believe I talked about my TextInput system a while ago, but I may not have. Basically it's a model class that I implemented with my input system. Originally I had it set up so that I could assign it to my InputManager class and then only it would receive input until it was removed, but I ran into some issues and just wasn't happy with it so I removed it. However, the class still existed and, with some updates, worked perfectly for this.

I've run into a few spots where the text I was entering for the popup message was just a few pixels too wide. Obviously I could fix this by splitting it into two lines, but sometimes that looks just as bad (I'm not a big fan of putting one word on a separate line and splitting the line into two could make for a rediculous amount of wasted space.) I resolved this shrinking the minimum size and then allowing it to expand to accomodate bigger messages. Here are two example shots, showing the 'delete save popup' and the new warning that popups when you go to exit the game:

I also updated the popup system to allow me to specify which buttons to show (Ok, OkCancel, YesNo, YesNoCancel.) Not completely necessary at the moment, but was done easy enough.

The other two issues don't have accompanying screenshots:
1) The game saves in the save/load screen were sorting backwards (newer saves were on the bottom; easy enough to fix, I just reversed the order).
2) If you loaded a game while you were in the game, the character became uncontrollable (this was easy to resolve as well, the game wasn't being completely unloaded when you clicked the exit button.)

I've been adding about 5 things a day to the tasks lists I have set up, but I've also been completing about 5 things a day, so I'm not falling behind really, but I don't seem to be catching up lol. Currently there are a total of 5 items left (in no particular order):

1) Pathing Bug - This is bug #1 from the other day; I spent any more time on this one yet as it is not a huge, glaring issue anymore.

2) Item Caching - Just now realizing that this really isn't an issue because they are loaded through the ContentManager and thus are already being cached.

3) Convert InventoryDisplay to UI - All of the UI components are all now based off of the same mechanics with the exception of the InventoryDisplay. I might leave this be as it is working perfectly now, but it's on the back burner if I get some time.

4) Character Facing After Pathing - This is another one that I've put on the backburner; the character always faces the way they are moving and thus act quite rude when conversing with someone. This task needs to be updated so that both parties face each other during a conversation as well.

5) Scrolling Scene - I'm embarassed to admit this, but I left out one of the biggest features: a scene that scrolls around the scene, following the character (or any other object.) This is the highest priority and will hopefully be completed tonight.

Sadly, still working through the game concept. I have a huge list down now, most of which have been done (I'd probably be frowned upon for doing; 'becoming a pirate' mainly), but these were just the first thing that came to mind and mostly because I HAD seen them done before. You have to work through the known to get to the unknown.

Back to work!

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