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What comes next ?

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I' currently working on the next version of gnoblins. The pre-alpha version is already online and can be downloaded from here. Any critique or comments are appreciated.

But back to the next version. It will be the first official alpha version. Main focus is sound,music and configuration.

Configuration is mostly done, thought I still need to draw some gui elements. Music has been added this weekend. I've implemented an ogg-vorbis stream after I discovered, that vorbis is a much better compression format than zipped wav files wink.png Sound, to be more precise, a 3d sound environment, is more challenging. I use xaudio2 as API and I'm still trying to tweak and pimp the sound experiences. I hope to get it done until this weekend.

Beside the technically aspects, I need to get/tweak/design an initial set of sound effects into the game. And finally I will fix 10-20 bugs in the current version before releasing the alpha. I think that it will need 2-3 weeks before releasing it.

And here's a little preview of the second alpha version:
Ok, the second alpha version will introduce the name giving entities, the gnoblins.


The prg part, as represented in the pre-alpha and first alpha version, is only one part of the whole experience. The gnoblins are your minions, they support you, they will craft for your, they will build and maintain a dungeon "home" for you. So, stay tunes.
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