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First version of game prototype - playable!

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Spencer Bowers


Of course when I say playable, I mean you can press keys and something happens on the screen: link. A and D to move, space to jump, click to throw a snowball. Graphics are filler.

My original idea was to make a Scorched Earth with a snowball fight setting. Over time the idea has evolved slightly, so now the plan is to make a more action-oriented game. I have the help of an art student, Vince, I met before I graduated. I hope to also have help from my friend Lucas, who has skills in programming and art. As always, you are invited to look over my website, join the forums, and talk about stuff.
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Recommended Comments

The controls feel smooth and I think it's the most important aspect of an action oriented game. So I think you're off to a good start.

Some small problems I noticed:
1. It works well in Chrome, but in Firefox I get an error for some reason: "NetworkError: 404 Not Found - http://www.explore-entertainment.com/projects/games/snowball/prototype1/org.lwjgl.util.applet.AppletLoader". Might be some problem with my Java installation, who knows...
2. While it's probably by your own choice, there doesn't seem to be anything compromising, and I'm just noting it in case it's not by your own design: you have directory listing enabled on your server.
3. I think that while lobbing snowballs up or down they get added negative acceleration of player character. Ie falling down after having double-and-more-jumped high-up and throwing them upwards they will reach ultra-high-speed :D

Good luck with your project!

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Thanks for the very helpful comments!

1. I have no trouble with the app in Firefox. Can anyone else tell me if it works for them?
2. I did have a reason at one point, and forgot to turn that back off. Thanks for pointing it out.
3. The character's velocity doesn't affect the snowballs at all, so I think this is just an optical illusion.

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