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Scrolling Finished and More Stuff I Missed

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I spent the last hour or so getting scrolling working. Didn't take too long as apparently I had already set up all of the background classes to support it, I just hadn't actually implemented a camera that would follow the character. Getting it in brought forth a bug; I was quite perturbed when I got to where I was in the picture below and then was unable to move back off to the left. This was easy to resolve, basically it was caused by the fact that the node the bottle is on is the closest to where you can click, but the path was getting chopped off there because you can't moved to an occupied node. Anyway, SCREENSHOT:
As you can see, I've extended the right wall to make a little corridor and I've added a little picture (not actually an object yet.) There are bound to be bugs popping up related to this, as I already ran into an issue with mouse coordinates and such (I couldn't figure out why, once I got in front of the painting, I couldn't path over to the node all the way to the right.)

For those interested, the picture I'm looking at is something I did up while playing around with another concept (some sort of base defense game); here's the full image:
I took the liberty of removing the UI elements from the top left before hanging it on Testy's wall. I will always love pixel art (though, this is actually just me drawing some hills on separate layers and then using Photoshop's Find Edges filter to get the outline and filling in with the color I want.) This was supposed to be more of a zoomed out view than it turned out, but I liked it anyway so I kept it. I'll add some more elements at some point (trees, flowers, etc; but no clouds, I suck at clouds.)

Back to SAGE, I also realized that I managed to setup the node and linking system (as well as the pathing) with the ability to disable/enable nodes, but I've not included any method (scripts or in the scene's data file) for actually setting whether or not they're enabled/disabled lol. Sadly, this is another big oversight as I'd really rather not have the player climbing walls after an item is removed (everything has to be placed on a node and for the player to get to it there has to be a path to the node.) That'll probably be what I work on tomorrow if I get the time; currently trying to get the house in tip-top shape.

On the game concept/storyline front, I have decided to do a couple of really small games (short stories really; 3-5 scenes maybe, probably with some really awful art) to test out SAGE. I'm working on fleshing out a couple of these ideas right now, one of which is about half way done. I don't want to get your hopes up, so I'll state this right now: the base concepts I'm working with are really cliche ones, BUT I am trying my best to throw in some mindf*** twists to spice things up a little.

Time for bed now; work in the morning.
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