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Working with Unity

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So I have kind of wandered away from creating my own physics engine as to be honest it would take far more work than I am willing to input, instead I have decided that I will focus my efforts on using Unity and the physics engine that comes with that in order to create my games over the summer.

One good thing about this change of direction is that if I do ever manage to create something half decent then I have a multitude of platforms which I can release it to thanks to Unity's cross platform support! And so far Unity is proving to be quite intuitive and easy to learn and actually get something down and running correctly so I can see myself doing some pretty cool things with it!


I haven't really done all that much since my last journal entry which is quite disappointing but in fairness I have been doing a lot of studying for my upcoming exams, but today I have managed to have a little play around with Unity's rigidbody physics and create a little demo following a book I recently purchased!

RigidBody Physics.png

It's pretty fun to work with and I can already see myself being able to quickly produce some fairly decent results using the unity engine!

Anyway that was just a small update on my current situation and hopefully I will be back tomorrow with a couple more screenshots of what I have been able to practice! :D
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