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More editor work, interface sketches, and plot

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Servant of the Lord


I haven't gotten too much done since I last posted, just chippin' away at the editor piece by piece. I want to have the editor entirely finished by June 15 (6 weeks from now). It's been too long, so I've given myself a set of goals, each 6-weeks apart, to press forward in development.


Editor work:

I've gotten the placement of tiles working again.


There seem to be a few problems with coloration and blending (the problems aren't visible in the screenshot above), and I'm not sure when/where they were introduced - it used to work a year and a half ago! - but I'll track those down later.

Here's me just playing around. Final quality of the game will far surpass this, rest assured. (This is without blending, coloration, masks, shading, and multiple layers, and I just grabbed a floor tile for the walls so it all looks like junk... but even junk is nice to see after so long with a broken editor wink.png)


Today I added the ability to 'pin' searches in the Tile Explorer, so you can come back to them later.


I also added a list of "Recent tiles" and "Recent masks" a few days ago (by clicking the 'Show recent' button).


Interface sketches:

A few weeks ago I did some sketches on the layout of the interface. Here they are:





I figure the large buttons at the side of the screen would make the game easy to port to iPad and Android (and Win8) tablets, sometime after the initial Windows release.

The release plan is: Windows -> Mac -> Linux -> iPad (not iPhone) -> Android tablets
Who knows? Maybe Xbox Live or something. But it all depends on the initial success of the game on Windows. I don't have a Mac, so with the initial proceeds from Windows I'll buy a Mac and port the game.


Plot work:
Act 1, Section 2, Event 7 is the first of three Guardian council meetings that occur during the course of the game.
It takes place shortly after a serious battle between the player (alongside a scattering of guards and rangers, and two other guardians) and the main enemies of the game. As the battle is occurring, the town the player and guardians are trying to defend burns down around them and alot of civilians get murdered before their eyes as they fight, finally driving off the enemy, but with not much left remaining of what they were protecting. (The battle takes place in A1,S2,E5, just two events (maybe 20-30 minutes) before the meeting, so it's still fresh in the player's mind)

This section of plot is still very much a work-in-progress, and is partially unfinished towards the end. You'll notice lots of placeholder names ('MentorGuardian', and 'xxxxxx', for example) and missing area names ("[Military Guard Outpost City before the Citadel]") that I still need to fill in.

There's no real spoilers in this (very minor ones only), as it takes place in the first act of the game.
Apologies for posting it as a screenshot! The forum software isn't keeping the formatting, even when I use the "Paste from Microsoft Word" option, and even when I convert to .rtf format and copy+paste from there. rolleyes.gif Too lazy to manually re-highlight the dialog, stitching some screenshots together was the quickest method.

[rollup="Act 1, Section 2, Event 7 - A meeting of guardians"]act1section1event7.png


I said I'd post some character concept art and descriptions of the character today, but I'll hold off until next week so the journal entry doesn't get too large (read: So I can hold cool content in reserve for weeks when I don't make much progress or don't have screenshots to show wink.png).

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[quote][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][size=4][left]So I can hold cool content in reserve for weeks when I don't make much progress or don't have screenshots to show[/left][/size][/font][/color][/quote]
your just building up the tension, and I love the interface sketches, good work!

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