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A Man Haunted

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"A Man Haunted follows Detective Jon Nidell and Detective Ray Mitchell as they try to track down a vicious murderer. However, things take a turn when evidence comes up missing and someone starts tampering with the crime scene."


I'm sure it sounds a bit cliche, but obviously we have a twist planned (and from the reactions, it's at least decent.) I'm not shooting for anything super fancy with these first few projects that we're making with SAGE, just a somewhat interesting storyline/characters and fun while we work out the issues that are hiding.

The test room has modified to temporarily be Jon's apartment; I'm thinking some hand-drawn/comic book art will go well with the storyline. I've also replaced the old RPG Maker character with a plain white box for now.

I haven't had much time to work on it over the past week, I've been trying to work through the storyline and dialogue. However, I wanted to do some testing with a few things, so I whipped this up really quick. In the end I added a new feature to the list, but I was able to iron out a few more kinks and bugs while working on it.

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