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Digital Bones--Digging in my Game Graveyard

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So I've been plugging away on the same laptop (Toshiba Satellite with Windows Vista) since about 2007. Yes, it's 5 years old, and has far outstripped the longevity of any other windows machine I've owned. That point aside, like a digital archaeologist, I came across some long forgotten directories, and found a game I had started programming back in 2008--a simple arcade style spaceship shooter. I stopped working on it because real life happened, and my attention simply had to be elsewhere.

In the main directory was a short video clip I had put together using Anim8or and Bryce that I was going to use for the game intro. Here are some screenshots.

invasion2.jpgThe Saucers Approach Earth!
Here are some shots of the prototype game screen. Just an image of Earth, with wave after wave of saucers flying past. After each pass, the saucers would get smaller as they get nearer to the planet. I here were rockets that you fire after the invaders, but the animation and explosions were fairly crude.


After I stumbled across this program, I suddenly remembered how much I enjoyed working it. Maybe I'll have to try and reanimate the project as an Android game.


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