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Madness #2 How YouTube Changed Your Life

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YouTube Saved Your Life! (And Games!!!)


This is the bread and butter part that everyone is waiting for. I will reveal how to make your game trailers go viral, and how to optimize your searches on Google!



The first part will take up 99% of the time and take several months if not years to create enough momentum for viralization of videos. First I am going to ask you to open up Google and search for the top 100 video shring sites of 2012. You'll get a lot of spam but 1 article does prove useful. Bookmarket , com / videosharing has a "starter" list for paid and free video sharing applications. These are just sites to UPLOAD on.



  • YouTube: YouTube is a popular free video sharing Web site which lets users upload, view, and share video clips.

  • Meta Cafe: Metacafe - Get the best internet videos - Funny videos, Amazing clips, Rare movies

  • Vimeo: Share your video clips. Upload video that you shoot with your digital camera, mobile phone, or camcorder. Share video by linking to Vimeo.

  • Daily Motion Publish, tag, organize and share your video clips.

  • Imeem: imeem is a social media service where users interact with each other by watching, posting, and sharing content of all media types, including blogs, photos, audio, and video. In one sense, imeem is a media-centric social network service, and in another sense, it is also a user participation service for online content.

  • ClipShack: ClipShack is a community for videophiles; a destination where people can post their video for general public viewing and comment, share clips with friends and family, post video to blogs, share...

  • vSocial: The fastest, easiest way to upload, watch and share your favorite video clips.

  • Jumpcut: The best place to create, remix and share movies and slideshows online. There's nothing else like it. Jumpcut Makes Movies, Simple.

  • Video Bomb: Video Bomb filters up the hottest videos on the internet: people submit links to the 'Incoming!' page and you bomb the best ones. If a video gets a lot of bombs quickly, it makes it to the front...

  • eyeSpot: Shoot, Mix, and Share your Video. Use the eyespot Mixer to edit and combine your videos, music and photos online! Share your video and mixes with the world for Free

  • revver : Upload, share videos

  • Avidbeauty: Avid Beauty is an entertainment community for iPod users. We offer iPod downloads which are available in playlists known as Podcasts. We also offer Flickr photo, YouTube video and LiveJournal integration into your member profile.


    These are from

    [/font]http://web2magazine.blogspot.com/2007/01/updated-top-100-web-20-sites.html NO I do not want to advertise them but it is a sited source.

    The fact is, HOW to get a video viewed on these sites? http://www.blueglass.com/blog/best-websites-to-track-popular-and-viral-videos-online/ can track where most people submit their videos. Though limited to 3 popular platforms you can clearly see it will count how many shares each video gets on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube. the downfall is it doesn't track outside or 3rd party websites that account for some of the view totals. How I rank my videos is way different so we will skip this whitehat nonsense and go for the greyhat nonsense.

    I first rank a site on Google after panda update by buying .edu backlinks, xrumer profile links, scrapebox linkjuice, and also traffic from linkbucks and adf.ly. This will account for my website to rank around pr5 on gaming, and over time as more YouTube videos pop up about my small time products I move up the ladder. Sometimes I will even spend $2.79 a click on long winded keywords such as cool online mmofps, awesome online games, fun online games, and even fun rpg games. These generate less than 300k hits a month, but sometimes you get your listing above the big boys advertising for your spot. Technically you can keyword buy for the standard mmorpg and online game arcades at around $3.00 a click but expect a lot of click fraud from your competitors to try to knock you off the top ad spots with them on pr1.

    That is labeled greyhat because I buy links instead of letting my visitors create them for me, which takes time I don't have. To rank your website without greyhat or viral videos will take years, and those years cost you money. Plain and simple, don't do my way if you don't like buying something. I make sure anything I buy is 100% spam compliant and 100% legal. If you have any questions than please use Google.

    Next will actually shock you, and pretty much piss you off. I create Dramatic (sometimes dramatic and dumb) video game trailers. I know these are the top choice for going viral. Dramatic as in everyone might be shown in the trailer dying, or maybe we focus on the cool ui of the game that allows you to interact with it in a dramatic atmosphere. I use color editing and music to set the mood along with the video content itself. You must only focus on 1 thing per video trailer as doing multiple focus will break the mood and concentration of the audience. Next, you will need a strong call to action at the end of the video game trailer. This call to action will generate sales. You can try what chase bank did on tv for the american branch. They use a bunch of common words that are used everyday and tie their chase service cash back rewards into it at the end. Though the call to action isn't as strong as we want it to be, we can simply provide our call to action in it's stead.

    Our call to action needs to provide trust, ease of use, and also it has to excite the user. Any titles of your game, your company, or the distributor that will house your game online should not be placed on black background. Incorporate it into the game trailer like some of the BF3 trailers. They put their clan names and tags right into the video. Also take a look at machinima, they do the same. This can also work for the call to action. You can make your call to action during the end with some epic "now its up to you" or the Halo 3 believe motto. You can also try to hype the player up like Call of Duty but that doesn't seem as effective as leading into it.

    How I do it is incoporate the BF3/ Machinima style presentation of my game company and game name, set a dramatic atmosphere, focus on the gameplay part of my game that seems the best, and finally close with a strong call to action like "now become a hero" and the Steam logo popping up during some climatic event in the game. this WILL draw the sales. It is hardly used but highly effective. now we can go directly into "I can't seem to get the people viewing my video!"

    How to get massive people viewing your video? Most expensive way is to buy the views from YouTube. At $0.58 for FPS keywords and the ability to pick machinimarespawn, tobygames, and other famous YouTubers you ride your white horse off their videos to get the people interested. My last quote for March 21, 2012 was 0.58 a view (people opting in to view my TrueView Ad after 30 seconds) on those channels and more. This is the most expensive but highly targeted way to get people to buy your game. The next will make you viral but it is ultimately not targeted except for being mainly USA viewers.

    Jaded from all the Video Advertising prerolls they can handle, most YouTubers will begin to HATE your advertisements. Now this next method is very cheap compared to Google. you will be buying a service that will share your video over Facebook, Twitter, and other sites.
    http://www.quora.com/Reddit/How-do-you-get-to-the-front-page-of-Reddit will let you in on how to get front page of reddit. It is important to know that there are services for all of this. If you have money to burn i have 15 services you can Google and find out about yourself about viral video marketing.

    Are viral videos worth the money to make and boost? YES! The more work and money you pour into it, the more you make. I got that question on my first Madness post, so I'll answer WHY. Your audience can be built with less than 4 viral videos a month and 2 days top 5 YouTube viewed videos each. The more viral videos you produce the more word of mouth you generate. the more word of mouth you generate the more people blog and talk about your product. The more people circulate your video (like how COD has bugged us for months about the Black OPs map paks and the latest MW3 and Black Ops 2 trailers) the more people will get a hype about it. All this leads to sales and how viral your videos become.

    So how do I deal with a video that won't go viral? I ultimately created a service to handle this matter. It uses my networking connections on Facebook and Twitter to drive up the views (about 100k-300k per day depending on how well the video is per day). Though this method seems to work for now, it needs to be scaled up to create a viral optimization in order for 500k+ views per day per video. I can only hope that they don't get a hard heart and stop watching videos! XD!

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The dislikes show how mentally challenged some people think. they need to wait for the full information to come out and how to do it. I don't mainly do this for the information but some animals come lurking just to thumbs down my stuff because it causes them to see what really happens to games (that are suppose to be products of a business) and how they are marketed. This makes me laugh, but it also makes me sad. Those 2 people who left a thumbs down I couldn't help. I have included all my information from how I market in my 3rd entry. With soo many views on these I'm hopeful that at least I can help 1 person.

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