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Path preview

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Today was a busier day at work, so I didn't get to do a whole lot. But I did excise the old chain-of-green-arrows path preview code in lieu of a preview mode that shows hexes you can walk to given your current number of movement points, as seen above. It's a quick hack, though, that doesn't cache the set of reachable hexes; instead, it's testing them each frame which means the pathfinder is being called quite a few times each frame, something I'll probably fix tomorrow, given time. It "feels" better to me than the path preview before, gives me a more tactical feel.

And that's... well, that's about all I was able to get done today.
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Looks beautiful, I greatly enjoy that look.

Since Goblinson Crusoe is a turn-based game, what is the likelihood of hotseat* gameplay (i.e. multiple people playing on the same computer, when it's their turn)?

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The likelihood is slim to none, to be honest. From a technical point of view, it would be relatively simple, but I've never been a big fan of multiplayer games in general, some years spent playing WoW notwithstanding. More of a single-player kind of guy. Call me crazy. :D

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Although, now that I'm thinking about it... it really wouldn't be all that difficult. Curse you. :P

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