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A C64 Game - Step 51

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More cooperative hodge podge. An experimental feature, both players are needed to kill an enemy. Sam must hold the enemy, so Dean can shoot it.


To accomodate this the changes are quite simple:

First block the hurting of enemies when they are held by Sam:

          ldy SPRITE_HELD
          ldx SPRITE_ACTIVE,y
          lda IS_TYPE_ENEMY,x
          cmp #2
          bne .NormalHurtByForce

          ;in 2p mode?
          ;TODO - if only one player is left?
          lda GAME_MODE
          cmp #2
          bne .NormalHurtByForce

          ;no further action
          jmp .NoEnemyHeld

          ldx PARAM6

Then, when Dean's bullet hits, check if the play mode is 2 player, and the enemy is actually held by Sam:

          ;is two player enemy?
          ldy SPRITE_ACTIVE,x
          lda IS_TYPE_ENEMY,y
          cmp #2
          bne .HitEnemy

          ;in 2p mode?
          ;TODO - if only one player is left?
          lda GAME_MODE
          cmp #2
          bne .HitEnemy

          ldy SPRITE_HELD
          sty PARAM1
          cpx PARAM1
          beq .HitEnemy

          ;enemy would be hit, but is not held
          jmp .ShotDone


And obviously, when an enemy is hurt, release Sam's lock:

          lda SPRITE_HELD
          sta PARAM1
          dec PARAM1
          cpx PARAM1
          bne .NotHeldEnemy

          lda #0
          sta SPRITE_HELD


As you can see, there're still TODOs left. Also, if 2 player mode makes this behaviour general or only for special enemies is yet to be decided.


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