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Madness #4 How To Alienate Idiots And Create Friends

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[font=courier new,courier,monospace]

Get Some Friends And Lose The Idiots!!!


[font=courier new,courier,monospace]

There comes a time in every game developers life where they lose the idiots and save their friends. Idiots are people who seem to come and go, just staying in case of a hand out. Some people would argue that would need to "help" said idiots. Don't bother, I tried to help them and they seem to just keep staying idiots. I had to shake a few idiots myself, a lame friend who just wanted to leech my money, another lame friend that was petrified with fear and did incredible stupid acts, and finally a community in which I grew up in I left because they were idiots. These people were not savable in my book, but of course I might be wrong if you throw in Barney TV Shows and builder blocks (Minecraft).


[font=courier new,courier,monospace]

Let's talk about the friends of Game Developers. No, not your real life friends, but the companies and tools there for you when you need them. In Madness #3 I revealed my methods, my friends, that help me get a video viral. They help me make tons of money, and yet some people see them as enemies. Well, then I guess more money and games for me!!! HAHAHA, no I can't be that way, instead I'll reveal how each tool helps me and saves me time and money.


[font=courier new,courier,monospace]

My Motto goes "Videos are like stocks, channels are the companies. You only get good companies from good stocks, and if your stock is bad so is your company."


[font=courier new,courier,monospace]

Tool #1. SHARES! When you share something other than your heart and soul on Facebook, you need to think strategically. How fast is the competition reaching sales? How many people do I know? How fast can I spread a viral video? Do I need help in reaching a mass audience? Well of course you do, and I'll tell you why.


[font=courier new,courier,monospace]You need a mass audience because not everyone will buy your game. Not everyone has money to buy your game. Not everyone will like your game. Not everyone will like how you sell your game. Not everyone can follow your 1 friend back and buy your game. 100,000 voices are better than 10 voices.[/font]

[font=courier new,courier,monospace]The reality is, not everyone even gives 2 flying wind burps about your game. They only care about what they see, and what they see a lot of they will be tempted to buy. That's how grocery stores work, tv works, and now game sales work. People don't buy because you claim your product has a cool new engine, or a cool story line, or some cool combat, or even cool visuals. People buy because they see a eye candy ad on YouTube or hear about it from friends on Facebook and then go buy it. Rarely do people impulse buy on Steam or even on Direct2Drive unless they have seen your game before hand. That is why creating viral trailers are so important, because you are creating a mass hype and potential sales base.[/font]

[font=courier new,courier,monospace]Shares generally cost me around $300.00 for a good 100,000 shares in someones Facebook ring. I screen the people and only use authentic share sellers. They can reach roughly 100,000 people in less than a week, where all I can reach on Facebook with $0.45 a click are roughly 13,000 people looking for a hand out. If you have a giant Facebook, then it is easy to get people to view your trailer, but hard to get sales. Everyone expects the game you made to be free for them and their friends.[/font]

[font=courier new,courier,monospace]Tool #2. Shines all around, and can be used by itself. Simple enough you want to buy traffic to your videos. This is easier said than done because the traffic needs to watch the videos and like and favorite them. The trick is, only people with a Google+ and verified YouTube (phone registration) can like and favorite videos. So you will need either a massive proxy list and a bot which is illegal and never should be done EVER, or you need real people "incentivized" to go and watch your videos. NEVER DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL, EVER EVEN IF IT'S CHEAP AND FREE! The incentives could be a number of things, but mostly I pick a nice traffic reseller for the job. This way, I can ensure that per capita I have spent $1.00 I gain 1,000 viewers with a 1.8% buy rate. The Google way is $0.58 a view for the keywords FPS, first person shooter, and fps game. That's $580 for 1,000 viewers with a 20% buy rate because the traffic is targeted. Typically you won't use Google Adwords for video pre rolls (most effective) because unless your game is $60 you won't come out ahead. Technically since I buy traffic cheap my videos gain millions of views compared to the Google way.[/font]

[font=courier new,courier,monospace]Tool #3. Comes in when SHARES and SHINES need a boost and fail. If I can't generate a massive hype from Shares then I spread my money over Google Juice! This is a last resort, since if views and shares failed then my product isn't worth a dime. Google Juice is building index back links for your website to increase in page rank. The problem is, in gaming you can't get enough juice simply by sharing your link with others. You need to pay people that know where to place your links. Roughly with Google juice, I target .edu back links and pr 3+ back links. These can all be rented or bought. I technically spend around $5,000 if views and shares succeed and $10,000 if shares and views fail. It all comes down to how well the trailer did, and how well actual sales convert. Most of the time it is effected by day, time, and money in the person's pocket.[/font]

[font=courier new,courier,monospace]Tool #4. This is your most important tool, your mind. If you can quickly think, adapt, and evolve to meet the need then you can succeed faster than anyone. If your game is utter trash but people like making videos about it, then why don't you use that to your advantage? Release freeware and tell people to go crazy building with it, then give them the option to feature them on your YouTube channel or some kind of reward for their efforts. The more you think outside the box, the more money you can create. Your games sales will come from eye candy, commentators opinions, and finally how well can they play the game with their friends?[/font]

[font=courier new,courier,monospace]These tools are here to help you, and if you don't use them then you will be like the rest of the communities. Games that get 100 sales a month are not games, they are failware. Games that generate 120,000 sales and then die are failware. Games are products representing your company, and if you are all about the money your product should do well above 300,000 sales. My game investment per game is like $3,500. That mostly is music and a license fee. I don't make games for a living, the games make me money so I can live.[/font]

[font=courier new,courier,monospace]I think the next step in Madness will be to further express out how these tools helped me, and should help you. Although many people only read just for the giggles and their imagination to be appeased, some are actually looking for tips to sell their games. I'll list a example of what can be done for a iPhone game, and also what can be done for a pc game as well.[/font]

[font=courier new,courier,monospace]iPhone Example[/font]

[font=courier new,courier,monospace]$4.99 for the game (less time it takes to make investment money back)[/font]

[font=courier new,courier,monospace]TapJoy sign up for $2.50 per sale[/font]

[font=courier new,courier,monospace](averages around 125 sales per day because it is a big investment for their users)[/font]

[font=courier new,courier,monospace]Viral Video Ad for your game will cost you $2.50 for 1,000 views to hit front page YouTube from a traffic reseller ($7,500 for 3M views), $900 for 300,000 shares on Facebook, and finally $10,000 link juice for your site on Google.[/font]

[font=courier new,courier,monospace]Your app store sales should be around 500-750 a day. It simply comes down to the price and how that effects sales. You don't want free because you will lose money before gaining it, you don't want $0.99 because it takes too many people to hit your investment back, and finally your $5.00 is breaking someone's fingers so sales won't need to be astronomical. Your app store basics is averaged to 625 sales per day.[/font]

[font=courier new,courier,monospace]TapJoy: $9,375 - 30% Apple Tax = $6,562.50 in 30 days.[/font]

[font=courier new,courier,monospace]AppStore: $93,562.50 - 30% Apple Tax = $65,493.75 in 30 days.[/font]

[font=courier new,courier,monospace]Nice and simple for 1 months work, but if you more or less can viralize your game more you WILL have more sales. My average app store sales were about 1,262 a day for about 45 days and then boosted to 2,135 a day for like 90 days. This was for a $3.99 product that was more or less a tiny rpg / metal gear slug style game.[/font]

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Recommended Comments

Please Read before the following. [b]This post is not a flame, it contains information regarding a recent post to expose my naked information.[/b] [b]Take into account I must edit out certain things to protect my privacy.[/b] Do not be alarmed, as everything I do only merely protects me and my businesses. My informative posts take someone with understanding and wisdom to comprehend. Please read with caution, understanding and care about what I am telling you. I do take into consideration that some people want all the information to judge and compile how well they will do before hand, I can only provide information (in the form of edits) that protects my privacy in the form of pictures and such. Also, my articles can be widely search using Google to find out factual information. Although my articles are deadly accurate other than the example I have given, as that being a example based widely on how well I did using these methods in maturity, you can use A. common sense, and B. Google, Yahoo, Bing, ect to find out. If you seriously do not know that videos and correct advertising (my $0.58 keyword view bids can be found by signing up for Adwords and going to place a trueview ads pre roll bid for those keywords) and my traffic sources (which can be widely searched as well) that increase views and sales are methods of a viral natural then by all means please search out the subjects before hand.

[b]Useful Information Quick Use Guide:[/b]
Videos with lots of views draw attention on YouTube.
I will use Call of Duty as a example because most people have heard of it.
Call of Duty used a viral video method in order to reach more people and sales.
Call of Duty advertised on YouTube to also gain more attention and views.
Call of Duty released multiple videos to grab people's attention and the community.
Call of Duty is blogged and released on major blogs, even for their viral video.
Call of Duty submitted articles to mor ethan 100 popular sites and 150 video search sites.
Myself I use 250 sites, 100 are small gaming to big gaming blog sites, and 150 are video search sites.
My viral video consists mainly on YouTube, using Facebook and Reddit to create traffic.
A lot of my pictures come from Flickr and Deviant Art.
I mimic and adapt mainly from big time publishers their online advertising and social site targets.
The more views a video has of general public, the more sales it will make, but at a lower conversion rate because of the high amounts of viewers.
Sharing a video on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube leads to more views.

Give me a video game trailer to promote, and I'll get the buzz talking for it within a month. If your video game trailer does not go viral or generate a buzz on atleast 1 major gaming site (which i conclude as a review site with a lot of traffic such as IGN or Machinima), then I'll pay you for the views on YouTube. I will pay you $9 per 1k views if your game fails to go viral in on YouTube (does not reach front page) or is not talked about on a major gaming site then I'll pay out for the YouTube views it does get.

You must own the video game trailer, the video game must be marketable, you must be ready to distribute your video game through a publisher or self website, your game must be of passing quality (AA content), and finally you must be able to post proof to counter my argument that it did not indeed go viral on YouTube or did not in fact create a buzz on a major gaming site.

If you are not satisfactory for this post or any edits I provide, then you can deem my information as false and block my posts. In total, I will only provide so much information, and even offer for you to experience this yourself for so long before I stop relaying information or providing offers. I still have 5 spots open for my success factor, in which I hope one of the readers has a game of (AA Content or AAA Content) and has legal rights to market and sell it.

Any questions you can pm me here.

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[quote name='RPGJohnny' timestamp='1336850160']

So... that's a no? You can't (or won't) actually substantiate any of your claims?

Considering you're trying to sell marketing services, I would have expected better marketing of your own services...

Honestly, I'm just having a little trouble believing in claims you have so far refused to back up given that my experience of [i]anyone[/i] else offering professional services (whether they be marketing or otherwise) to developers is that they try to offer a wealth of proof of their abilities -- usually up-front [i]without[/i] it being requested. Given the supposed success of your methods, where are the example success stories? Where are the glowing testimonials? Where are the specifics and sources to back up the various claims and statistics scattered throughout your posts?

So far, most of your content has either been blindingly obvious, or factually questionable, and you've done nothing to back up the questionable parts. You've also demonstrated something of a lack of understanding of your audience by [url=""]referring to the publisher of a small indie team[/url] releasing a simple iOS title; I would have expected a marketing expert to have been familiar enough with the market to realise that such a team almost certainly [i]does not have[/i] a publisher, and if they did it would be far more common for the publisher to arrange the advertising for themselves rather than to hand the developer a marketing budget as you seemed to be suggesting.

I've never seen a marketing expert [url=""]leave a typo in the headline of a post[/url] after being informed of it (or if it's not a typo explain so) or choose to go with a harder-to-read font (in contrast to [url=""]expert[/url] [url=""]advice[/url] suggesting the choice of simpler and more easily readable fonts) that offers no additional alternative value.

I've certainly never encountered a marketing expert who responds to having their claims questioned by telling people to research it themselves, and although there is one legitimate reason you might not reveal [i]some[/i] of your previous clients, you haven't actually made mention of it as might be expected were it applicable.

If your claims are really true it should be absolutely trivial to back them up. Honestly though, if you're just trying to get started (which seems far more likely than you being some experienced marketing expert from what we've seen so far), you'd be better off approaching it honestly rather than doing a poor job of trying to fool people.

So, ball's in your court -- can you [i]actually[/i] back up your claims rather than just spouting more of the same content at us? As someone claiming to be a marketing expert, I'd think marketing yourself should be easily done!

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God, not another one. We only just got rid of the last one.

Bring back subscription-only journals I say.

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As much information as you seem to think you are providing, you are in fact not giving us any information at all. the information presented here seems to be best case scenario situations as well as completely hypothetical, you should stop posting to be honest, Now I am not at all "hating" on you, but let's be honest here, you're not providing data, and I'm not providing counter data therefore both arguments share the same level and thus one does not over rule the other. Please supply at east one example of a game you have advertised like [url=""]Servant of the Lord[/url] as said with a reputable back up of said information.

All things aside this article is good in the ways of possibly advertising your game, although I wouldn't spend a dime on advertisement unless you have data to back it up.

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To be honest, you sound a lot like kimble. Even if you are incredible successful and efficient, making incredible sums of money, I'm still not interested in making business with someone who has proofed that he has a very large ego, but nothing else sofar.

Btw. you always hint to google your "story" instead of direct links, this seems more like a clumpsy attempt to push your own stats.

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[quote name='jbadams' timestamp='1336889884']
Honestly though, [b]if you're just trying to get started[/b] (which seems far more likely than you being some experienced marketing expert from what we've seen so far), [b]you'd be better off approaching it honestly[/b] rather than doing a poor job of trying to fool people.
I just wanted to single out and re-emphasize this part of my earlier reply. There's absolutely nothing wrong with not being an expert with a history of massive success as long as you're up-front about it. So far however, you've done the absolute opposite of that and seem to be putting all your efforts into ridiculous claims about brilliant success and a massive income which you stubbornly refuse to provide any evidence of. No one is going to take you seriously with this approach.

...and for reference, your constant starting sentences of "this is not a flame", "this is not spam", etc. are completely unnecessary and serve no purpose beyond making you look unprofessional.

If you're just someone with some (potentially) great ideas who wants to get started in marketing games then [url=""]your offer of free trial advertising[/url] for a limited selection of people is very generous and is probably a good way to get started, and I'm sure you could probably interest some people in trying it.
With the approach you've taken thus far of grandiose claims with you stubbornly refuse to support, paranoid ramblings interspersed throughout your posts, and a general lack of good presentation, you just look like a dumb kid trying to rip people off, and people are far less likely to take up your offer.

This is the real world, and no one is going to want your help marketing their games if you can't even present [i]yourself[/i] properly.

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[quote name='Aardvajk' timestamp='1336927052']
God, not another one. We only just got rid of the last one.

Not really... see, I did an IP address look up...

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