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Dukandia - Sneak Peek Skill tree!

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Now I am hard at work finishing Reversion 1 of the planning document that will get us back into development, and I have a feeling I can give it to you guys Monday, but... I think you deserve a bit of a sneak peek before I through a huge document at you! So here are all the skills, all 90 of them!

The skill tree follows this format:

-Sub skill (skill that is required before this skill becomes unlocked, separated by " , " 's)
--sub of the sub skill

Please note, as always this is directly copied from a document so it might have strange formatting, it also although mostly set in stone might change with popular opinion so we ask that you raise your voice and let us hear your thoughts!

*Please pardon the strange spacing of a few of the elements, the red is a core skill and the black refers to sub skills.*


[color="#800000"]Lumber Jacking [/color]
--Basic Locks and Bolts
---Yeomanry(Farming, Hunting, Arcane Enlightenment)
----Village Founding(Book Writing, Attribute Magic (rune), Stone Working, Advanced Tools)
---Architecture(Basic Tools)
----Monuments(Advanced Tools)
---Wheel Making
----Carts and Wagons(Carpentry)
-----Stage Coaches(Advanced Tools)
---Boats Construction(Swimming)
----Boats(Basic Tools)
---Stone Working(Basic Tools)
----Road Building
----Mining(Advanced Tools)
-----Black Smithy
------Advanced Locks and Bolts

[color="#800000"]Hunting [/color]
--Deep Sea Fishing(Advanced Tools)
-Animal Husbandry
--Silk Making
-Basic Tools (Lumber Jacking)
--Advanced Tools(Carpentry)
-Leather Working(Animal Husbandry)

[color="#800000"]Plants Lore [/color]
---Wine Making(Basic Cooking)
--Basic Cooking
---Gourmet Cooking
--Herbal Remedies
---Medicine(Arcane Enlightenment)
--Taming Animals
---Bird Mapping
-Basic Cloth Making
--Intermediate Cloth Making(Leather Working)
---Advanced Cloth Making(Silk Making)

[color="#800000"]Athletics [/color]
----Rock Scaling

[color="#800000"]Combat Tactics[/color]
-Melee Combat(Unarmed Combat)
--Basic Weaponry(Basic Tools)
-Ranged Combat(Hunting)
----Ranger Analysis(Scripture)
-Unarmed Combat

[color="#800000"]Arcane Enlightenment[/color]
--Books Writing
--Blue Prints
---Basic Mechanics(Black Smithy)
---Arrow ward
--basic healing (herbal remedies)
---Arcane Medicine(medicine)
----Arcane Healing
--Attribute Magic
--Sending Magic
----Sending Guards
----Sending Workers
--Basic submission
----Remote Authority
----Animal Binding
--Attribute Magic
--Sending Magic
----Sending Hounds
----Sending Eye

-Divine Understanding
---Divine Healing
---Divine Shielding
---Basic Poisoning
---Basic Harm


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Looks very well thought out and exciting.

Depending on your framework/engine, it might be vise to limit yourself to some of those skills for a initial release and add the rest in later realeases.
It could take a lot of time to implement all that, and that time might be better spent somewhere else.

BR / AS.

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Thanks for the input! We also pondered over this idea, however we decided against it, simply because many of the skills cross reference each other and a lot of them contain the game player we want all players, even in the alpha, to experience. We did omit a few skills these will be added to the third or fourth version of the alpha, although the skills are not present we have worked in a way to allow the items they unlocked to still be unlocked in similar fashion. The time is not an issue to us, simply because we have no time line planned, and progress is progress no matter how long. We want the alpha to be more of a testing period.

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