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Developer Look at Antilia's New Crafting System

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Like many indy developers, I am always busy, always behind schedule - and I fear destined to be late with my journal entries here... but I'll try to make it up with a video this time demonstrating the feature in question.

I have told people interested in my game in the past that one thing I plan on doing to make Antilia play differently from your typical mmorpg is that the game will be completely enjoyable for non-combat characters. Being an "adventurer" or going into battle is not a requirement to enjoy and progress in the game. Characters have no overall level - but rather each discipline and each skill level separately. You get good at the skills you use, and the game will be balanced in such a way that it is desirable to have both combat and non-combat players in your party or group. (There's nothing that prevents a player from creating a character that has both combat and non-combat skills of course - although there is a limit to the total number of skill 'blocks' the player can unlock, so that players cannot be jack of all trades.)

My current focus developing Antilia right now is the addition of combat - so it may seem a bit odd that I started combat by adding a new non-combat skill in the form of weapon crafting. From an overall look at the final product though - this was the natural place to start, as the vast majority of weapons in Antilia won't come from drops or quests, but from skilled crafters.

To make crafting a deep, rewarding play-style that stood on its own, Antilia would need a crafting system that allowed for a lot of creativity, and so without further ado, I've created a video outlining the system and in the second half I describe what I used to do it:


(The video is available at youtube in 720 and 1080p, if you have difficulty seeing things. And yes, a lot of assets in these video are works-in-progress, including the characters.)

Overall, I am very happy with the way the system turned out. It seems every time I play-test the crafting system, I manage to make something new - and there's still a ton of materials, craft skills, and magical enhancements that will be added to the system. Antilia will be the sort of game where no two players wield exactly the same weapon, and that makes me very proud.

Next up: Artificial Intelligence... which has me similarly excited.

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I like how you're dealing with skills and making them non combat dependent. Looks great overall can't wait to see more!

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