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New Version of Gnoblins is out !

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The second pre-alpha version of gnoblins with some great improvements is out.


Most important are the addition of sound fx and music. The awesome music is created by Christian Andersson (Craze Music).

As always you can download the new version here.

The new configuration supports mixed resolution rendering, that is, the 3d world can be rendered in a lower resolution than the gui to keep a moderate framerate at higher monitor resolutions even for not high-end videocards. The following screenshots display a scene with different quality setting at a screen resolution of 1680x1050 (the fps is displayed at the left, upper corner). All screenshots have been taken on a nvidia 8800 GTS videocard.






Here's the complete changelog:

[indent=1]Changelog Version 0.0.2
Major Changes:
- Added an ingame options dialog.
- Sound and music have been added !
Minor Changes & Bugfixes:
- The map displays the edge of the level properly now.
- Added a pause function (clock icon in hud).
- Player animation/actions don't stop while a dialog is open any longer.
- Inventory item drag'n'drop behaviour improved.
- Items are no longer black when dragged.
- Some gui frames do not change the color any longer.
- Fixed a bug, where sometimes items are not showing up properly after a game has been loaded.
- Game start time and level switch time have been reduced dramatically.
- Fixed the terrain texture glitch.
- Added an exit button to most ingame dialogs.
- Armor and combat values (damage/penetration) are displayed in the equipment dialog now.
- Handling of the save games has been improved:
. You can delete characters now.
. You can only play saved characters with the proper game version.
. Fixed some bugs related to saved games.
- Removed some texture glitches (red lines).
- Can't equip any item to the earring,ring,bag slot any longer.
- A newly created character gets a random name, which you can change.
- Un-/equiping items to a statues is displayed properly now.
- Added some low level creatures to the starting area.
- Added Anti-Aliasing (set postprocessing setting above very low)
- You can turn off the outlines now (set postpressing settings to extreme low)
- Animals can no longer open doors.

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