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A World in Ruins

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A World in Ruins

"Lost in an ancient dystopia, with only the guidance of the long dead, can you survive and find a way back home?"

'A World in Ruins' puts you in the shoes of a child that is on a family vacation and ends up finding themselves transported to an ancient, dystopian world. Use your wits to survive, solve puzzles, and discover the fate of this ancient world.

There isn't much that I can add at the moment, but I can say that there will be two playable characters: Reiya and Bale. I don't plan on having any switching, so the character you play as is who you will play through the game as. However, I am thinking of switching some things up depending on who you are playing as (and noticeably, not just minor dialogue changes here and there.)

As developing the storyline is taking a little more time than I was planning, I'm moving 'A Man Haunted...' to the back burner. I will continue to work on it and hopefully it'll be the next project, but as I've spent quite a bit of time working on the design for A World in Ruins, I'm going to go with that for the first project. However, it is a little bit larger than 'A Man Haunted...', so it is going to take a little more time.

Off to bed now, have to get up early tomorrow.
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