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Project continues + some thoughts

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Yesterday the main menu scene was brought to the point it only needs models, some particle textures and sounds. Think I'll be able to find most of that in some free online resources, then post an update with a nice screen-shot. Still, the problem with lack of animated organic models bugs me. Placeholders it is...

As I go deeper into the rabbit hole and learn new techniques, tools and arcane magics of programming, I find myself enjoying it more and more. Maybe even to the point of obsession -- My average day consists of an 8-4 job, coding, talking to people and sleeping. Where does all the time go?

The most irritating part of this whole project is deffinetly lack of art assets -- I can create some simple 2D stuff, like I did for the GDD (playing around with GIMP was a barrel of laughs in its own right), but 3D modelling is just too time consuming. Guess that explains why no-one wants to do it for a project they are not certain will get finished. Oh well, the best thing I can do is prove my spirit and determination by finishing the demo, posting it and waiting for a passionate person to trot along.

Another annoying thing is the string of game designs already waiting and trying to break free. There is just not enough time in the day to do all these things in parallel. And not enough Mountain Dew as well, probably. Hopefully writing them down will ease their spirits.
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I'm through this too, better said, I'm really caught in this situtation at the moment (>12 years !). When I would start over, I would either make it 2d or very,reallllyy very simple 3d.

Take a look at this guy, [url="http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/GiuseppeNavarria/20120522/170771/The_importance_of_an_artstyle.php"]talking about your own art style[/url]. At the end, it doesn't really matter how good your art is, because, 99% of the people want only the hi-polished-multi-million art and the 1% will live with a [i]consistent [/i]art style and just enjoy your game (thought when looking at the sales numbers of minecraft, it could be more than 1% :-) ).

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