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Platform game project - Egg Hunt - Post #5

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Quick update on the Egg Hunt project (and a couple screen shots).

I've added in a feature where when you eat one of the flowers a "dream" starts up which shows you the relative direction the eggs are. The dream kinda looks like eggs appear from the snark's head and move in a clockwise circular sort of thing, more or less floating around the direction to travel to find the egg. The snark has a sleep animation playing while this goes on and can't be moved. After a while, the eggs go "poof", and you can move again. It really helps you find where all the eggs are and lets you come up with more of a plan to fine them all. I'm a little concerned it makes it too easy but I think by playing around with settings for the number of flowers and the size of the maze, a good balance will be found somewhere.

I have started looking at making settings available before you begin a level. The variables I need are all ready to be used but I'm finding all sorts of code that I want to refactor. I'll probably be spending a bunch of time cleaning up code like that before making a UI available to change the settings.

The version of Egg Hunt that's on my website now has the dream flowers available. No settings are available to change things yet but will probably be in the next build. Also, it's a debug feature that got left in at the moment but after you start a new game, a file called test2.txt gets generated which is a map of the cavern maze. The egg positions aren't given away but it gives an idea of the entire level's layout.

Any feedback or advice would be appreciated.

A more extensive bit of rambling about the project can be found in the dev notes on my website here.
Latest build here.
General instructions can be found here.

Also, just for the heck of it, a screen shot of the game.
2012-05-25 Egg Hunt b.JPG

and one more showing the snark dreaming about which way to find the eggs.
2012-05-25 Egg Hunt.JPG
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