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Need to stop fiddling...

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I really, really need to stop fiddling with the engine. I've been sick for the last couple days and haven't been in the right mind to work on the story, so I was working on some improvements to the engine (polishing a few things) and I managed to completely break most everything. The UI was the first target and it is working really well now, but the in-game mechanics are completely broken (the UI code was managing the character movement and that didn't seem quite right to me.) So, I'm currently working on fixing that and will post an update as soon as I get this resolved.

I've decided to work on reverting to the older system as the newer system is going to require a more involved UI system. For example, in the old system the current screen received input and then delegated it to its UI elements. However, in the newer system the UI is a separate component, so it doesn't matter what the current screen is (causing issues like the character moving when I click on the inventory slots.) I am going to keep the new system in place as it is now managing themes (which is no longer a singleton) as well as the cursor. The latter is the more important as with the old system each screen had to draw the cursor, which caused it to be drawn multiple times at some points.
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