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Forest graphics

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Been drawing a lot lately. Especially forest graphics, there needs to be a good amount of variation in order for it to look natural. A bit tedious doing roughly the same things over and over. Here's what I have come up with so far...



It looks better animated, the pines going slightly back and forth. The player and NPCs are "see-through" when they are behind something. This can be toggled in the options but I would recommend leaving it on since it's pretty hard to fight or do something when the player or the target is obscured.

I made a few steps while I was drawing a tree stump for those who are interested.

[table][tr][td]steps.png[/td][td]Basic stump shape.

Some more work on the shape, still just a silhouette.

Filled with the base color.

Trying to draw some shape with darker and lighter colors.

Some detailing, ridges of bark.

More work on the bark, doing some pointy splinters on the top of the stump. Make it look like the tree has fallen by wind or something (not cut down with an axe).

More detailing, the bark has a ridge going down the trunk.

Making a mask for some moss.

... And done![/td][/tr][/table]

Here is a screenshot showing the stump together with a stray log. Hope you like! =)


Thanks for reading!
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Beautiful! I really like the rocks actually. Any chance of a video to see the trees?

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I think this work is great first of all. When I look at this and the skill used to draw from a consistent angle I get a little slack jawed.

My question though is, why not make 3D models of these objects, use your skills to texture the objects. Snapshot them from multiple angles to help
reduce your workload?

This way you can make a couple 3D asset, and convert it into the same 2D images and rotate them and change colours and hue values of object in 3D editor to boost your variety of 2D assets.

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Very nice. I agree with Cody's question, but I assume it's probably because you're good at 2D.

Out of interest sake, how long did it take you to paint say the stump, and some other things?

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Looks really awesome ! Have you an artist background or is this [i]just [/i]programmer art ?

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Thanks every one!

Cody: Yes, I have thought of doing things in 3D but decided to narrow it down to 3D rendered characters. My work-flow in 2D is much faster than my 3D counterpart, at least when it comes to one direction with no animation. I guess it also depends on me, that I like to draw.. despite it being tedious sometimes. :)

BLiTZWiNG: The above tree stump took around 10 minutes to complete but it is a rather simple object. Rule-of-thumb; the larger and the more detailed an object is the longer it takes to paint it.

Ashaman73: I am actually an artist to begin with but the last ten years or so have been going more and more in the direction of programming.

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Yay, art stuffs. I really dig the hand drawn look. Awesome stuff, O-san.

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