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Another update

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The past week was great -- I took a leave from work and was coding the whole day, each day for a whooooole week. The game progress is great, but the lack of properly animated assets still bugs me. I realised that making games is challenging not due to the difficulty of coding or designing art assets -- it is because it requires synergy from all these fields (plus audio, marketing and whatnot). And actually, coding isn't even in the top three most important things -- well, not MOST of the time.

Nowadays, games seem to be all about visual sparkle. There are only that many mechanics you can come up with, and rarelly any player stops, looks at the game enviroment and thinks "Wow, this must've been such hell to code! I really appreciate all the work the people who made the game put nito it so I can have an enjoyable experience!". Yeah, I'm no better, started appreciating it all quite recently.

Back to the game however. Most of the progress is visible on my YT channel (handle Zethariel), although it gets old quite fast (spending whole days on code really works wonders). Other than that, I believe that soon I'll be desperate enough to dive into blender myself and at least rig and animate the models I have already. Later, maybe I'll even alter then to look like they are supposed to.
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