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A C64 Game - Step 55

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Yet another step without much details. The next 10 stages await you.

If you want to check them out, don't forget, that you can press '1' to advance to the next stage.


Since this step is somewhat short, find the level editor I'm using attached as well. Open the file "Supernatural.elementeditorproject". The editor requires the charset and spriteset files in the same folder as the editor project.

The editor is a quick hack job and therefore a bit buggy. Save often. It worked good enough for Soulless though ;)
If you add new stages and want to test them, go to the export tab, chose the proper location for the export file (level_data.asm) and press "Export".
A simple recompile with C64Studio will incorporate the new stages.

Careful, do not have elements going outside the screen boundaries!



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Recommended Comments

Looking at the HUD made me wonder something: how is it possible to have both half-res and full-res character graphics in the same screen? A lot of games do this (gameplay area half-res, HUD full-res). Is there a register write mid-screen or is it done by the video hardware automatically?

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It's actually normal behaviour without any tricks. In multi color text mode the color index for the character can be set to any index from 0 to 15. They don't match to the 16 colors though.

If index 0 to 7 is used, the character stays hires, single color with the same color as the index.
if index 8 to 15 is used, the character goes multi color, the free color however is the used index - 8. If a character color is set to 10, the character is shown multi color, and the free color used is actually 2 (red).
This however also means, that the free color cannot be one of the upper 8 colors.

If you look at the screenshot zoomed you'll note that the blue bricks in the background are actually also hires.

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