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Creating and deleting area chunks

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Servant of the Lord


Making heavy progress, but still a ways out from actually meeting my milestone of walking around the game world. sad.png

Here's the scene where you can edit the areas at a 'chunk' level instead of at a 'tile' level. (Recap: Areas are made up of Chunks which are made up of 20 by 20 tile layers)


Creation and deletion of chunks fully work, as does deleting rows and columns (I'm deleting a row in the screenshot above).
Copy+Pasting doesn't work yet, but the logic is already there. Inserting rows don't yet work either, but they should be a relatively simple addition since deleting rows do the opposite and are already working (it has to move all the chunks around - which really just renames their folder).



Each square will eventually show a mini-map of the chunk, instead of a solid color (remember that each one of those beige squares represent 20 by 20 tiles - though in this case, they're all empty). The red border on one chunk indicates that it's the 'origin' chunk - chunk (0,0) in the area. Anything within an 'area' is seamlessly loaded when moving around. Only teleporting between 'areas' causes loading, and even that takes less than a second (fade-out, fade-in, keep playing). The logic for moving between areas hasn't been added yet.

The panel with the colored buttons (which has actually changed a little since that screenshot with new buttons, see next screenshot) will eventually be moved into one of those side-tabs around the edges of the screen. Those tabs will be context-sensitive - whichever page you're on (Tile Editing, Gui Editing, Rect Editing, or Chunk Editing (this page)), it'll only show the tabs that are beneficial to that page.

Here's a full screenshot including the IDE:


The last three or four days have been very productive. To compensate for this unfounded and unscheduled productivity, I have to take the next three days off to assist family members with some grunt work at their house.

Yes, grunt work! Apparently they didn't get the memo that I've spec-ed in programming, not weightlifting. Jokes partially aside, I've actually put a few points into construction and electrical work over the years, and can hold my own when it comes to Electrimagical Powered Tools like "+5 Crowbars of Prying" and stuff.

Hopefully I'll be able to continue making progress when I return.

I've started playing 'Superbrothers: Swords and Sworcery', so far I'm not impressed. I bet the iPad version is probably funner, but so far the (PC version) game just moves along too slowly for me.
Hopefully I get my Spyparty invite soon - I registered over a year ago dry.png.

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