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Joining the 'biz

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So this is kinda weird really. But also frickin' cool.

For as long as I can remember I've been doing game dev and game dev related stuff in my spare time. Mostly as a hobby, but also to help out people on this very site. I've done all sorts of stuff for GameDev.net - moderator, author, interviewer, news editor, etc - all in the name of me caring about games and the people who make them.

About 18 months ago, I decided to focus the majority of my effort into my career as a database professional - I wanted to become the best damn database guy I could, so focussed a lot of time on that. I studied for the MCP exams, went to conferences, immersed myself in blogs and technical books - and loved every moment. Combined with a 10 month crunch time at work meant that I had to let the game side slip for a while, in many ways I'd considered leaving it as something I loved, but couldn't focus on seriously.

Then recently I accidentally found a posting for a job which looked perfect for me - it combined my love of technology with my love for games and game dev. After interviewing a couple of times and meeting the people I'd be potentially working with, I KNEW it was perfect. I wanted this job more than any other. I felt like I'd found what I've been after for years, I found a bunch of people that I felt an instant connection with - easy, natural and passionate about their craft.

This story ends with a happy ending.

In July I start what I see as my dream job, working at Lionhead Studios. I'm giving up everything of my current world - job, house, friends, etc and moving 200 miles away to start a new life.

And I really can't wait.

Turns out if you dare to dream, sometimes they come true.
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