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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

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Here are your Journal Land entries from the period of 6/15 - 6/22

Welcome to new Journal Land author Thekill473!

Project Updates

  • Net Gnome's Vaerydian Journal - Net Gnome talks about the implementation he has working so far for his "agent component bus concept" along with some screenshots of it in action and the source available on GitHub for anyone interested in toying around with it themselves.
  • Life at Demergo Studios - toddbluhm and team are happy to announce the release of [color=#333333]function.repair on the AppStore, described as "[/color]a fresh new 2D platform shooter with a unique, no-gravity movement style"
  • Rendering Systems logo+%20bullet.png - RSI3D is back and with his return comes the release of ShaderMap 2! Check the post for the list of new features and a video of it in action

    Game Dev Stuffs

    • New Old Things - Endurion adds a new boss in the 56th step of creating a Commodore64 game
    • Every Semicolon logo+%20bullet.png - Matt Carr has several more videos that let you follow along with him as he creates a game using Unity. These are raw captures of game development in progress, not scripted instructional videos, although the purpose is similar in giving people an idea of what it takes to create a game
    • evolutional.co.uk - evolutional shares some thoughts and a link on the Runtime-Compiled C++ project he stumbled across this week

      Other Stuffs

      • Just Let It Trickle - adeyblue finally got around to patching up and packaging up his WindowWatcher utility which essentially gives you PIP capability with various windows on your desktop. No doubt great for single-screen users but offering even more options for multi-screen users as well. Let no screen space go unwasted!

        Thanks for stopping by (and welcome back!) Programmer16logo+%20bullet.png, cgpIce
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